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Neksport is the Turkey representative of GERDAU, EUSKAL FORGING and CHMC (China National Heavy Machinery Corporation)





CHCM was founded in 1980 to build China’s largest steel mill, Baosteel and to guide the foundation.  CHMC has been an important part of the China’s rise for the past 3 decades.


CHMC is a contractor and project management company.   The machinery is being produced by the manufacturing companies within the group.  CHMC carries turnk-key responsibilities for the whole project.  CHMC delivers not only the complete plants but also the machinery, equipment and spare parts. CHMC is a state company and have full access to the financing opportunities of the Chinese government that may be used by our customers.


CHMC has delivered more than 1000 projects in 28 countries successfully.  Project contracting is offered to iron and steel companies, mines, port terminals, cement plants, forging and presses, water treatment, energy terminals, chemical plants, tube manufacturing plants, EAF’s as well as BOF’s.


Neksport is the Turkey Representative of CHMC.





Gerdau (Reinosa – Spain plant) has been founded in 1918.  It is an integrated plant from scrap to the finished product.


Gerdau produces big sized forging and casting products.  The capacity of the plant is up to 70 tons in monoblock forging and up to 140 tons in monoblock casting.


The headquarters of GERDAU is in Brasil.  It is the largest steel company in the Americas  and 14th largest iron and steel company in the world.  Reinosa plant is the forging and casting unit of Gerdau.


The products of Gerdau Reinosa are used by the Iron & Steel mills, Cement plants, Power stations, Mines, Heavy Industry companies, Ship builders, Sugar and Paper mills and Bridge constructors. 


Neksport is the Turkey Representative of Gerdau Reinosa plant.


Euskal Forging


Euskal Forging is a “Ring Rolling” company from Basque region of Spain.  The rings are

roll forged.


Euskal Forging is the largest of its kind in the world producing rings from 450-10.150 mm in diameter and 30 kg – 80 tons in weight.


Forged rings are used in Energy (wind, hydro, etc.), Cement, Heavy Machinery, Oil&Gas, Bearings, Lifting Equipment, Mining, Steel and Defense industries.  It is a part of any rotating equipment.


Neksport is the Turkey representative of Euskal Forging.



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